Below are descriptions of the key players in this comic. Hopefully by looking at this, my nonsensical comic may start to make a little more sense...

Main Characters

First Appearance: Issue #1

This is Salt. Salt is, has and always will be a salt shaker. Salt rarely shows any sign of emotion, of need or want. Salt feels the need to remind Pepper of its place too. Issue #13 is perhaps the first time where Salt is forced to see the unreality that is the world; that Pepper is actually capable of doing things beyond a mere shaker.

Although they often disagree, Salt and Pepper wouldn't go without each other.

First Appearance: Issue #1

Pepper is the counterpart for Salt and is part of the title. Pepper is, behaviourly, opposite to Salt. Although it can still speak and communicate like Salt, its attitude towards life is very much different. Pepper believes it is more than just a shaker, often planning to do some random activity that couldn't possibly be done by a shaker (e.g. acting, being sent to Pluto, taking up golf etc).

Pepper also differs from Salt from an emotional standpoint. Unlike Salt, Pepper is very fragile. It has a continuous crush / deep emotional attraction towards the Pepper Grinder (interpret that as you will, English Professors!). Furthermore Pepper has been, on occassion, known to have bouts of depression.

Supporting Characters

The Pepper Grinder
First Appearance: Issue #20

The Pepper Grinder was mentioned as early as Issue #7. A relatively emotionless condiment dispenser, the Grinder (or Grindy, to its significant other - Nutmeg) is more like salt than pepper, although still thinks outside the square and when others are in trouble, is willing to step in.

First Appearance: Issue #25

First mentioned by Pepper in Issue #22, Nutmeg is Pepper Grinder's long term partner. Originally, Nutmeg caused much consternation for Pepper, as it felt that Nutmeg had 'stolen' the Grinder from it. However, their differences are resolved when Nutmeg helps Pepper out of an emotional crisis.

Inspired by Pepper, Nutmeg obtained a pet pizza (named Garlina) who was a Garlic bitch and was later impregnated by Pepper's pizza, Pepsi, and gave birth to twelve pikelets.

The Sugar Container
First Appearance: Issue #18

The sugar container was the first referenced character in the world of Pepper and Salt all the way back in Issue #1, the Sugar Container has had an identity crisis. At first, it seemed to be a public speaker, then just an advisor of sorts, then generic friend but now cranky bastard, who has even gone to the extent of suing the Grinder and Nutmeg.

First Appearance: Issue #37

Reginald is Pepper's personal gentleman's gentleman - a valet (not to be confused with a butler!). Reginald is possibly a plastic salt or pepper container, dressed with toupee and suit, but reports are unconfirmed. It spends its days assisting Pepper in domestic duties, such as answering the door.

Reginald is based on the PG Wodehouse character Jeeves from the popular series of books and TV series with Stephen Fry playing the character.

Recently, Reginald saved Pepper's life by releasing a bag of sugar pills into the time/space tunnel where Pepper and its Evil Twin were travelling back to modern day. The release caused the duplicate and the original to form together, however Reginald was erased from histroy as a consequence. Reginald now appears in Pepper's dreams.

First Appearance: Issue #36

Derek is a play on the modern trend to have people speaking incoherently (they call it 'street' or some rubbish). Derek is a candle and holder who owns a tanning salon and is also a part time solicitor.

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